Vancouver: Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival 2007 – I’m There!

•June 17, 2007 • 4 Comments

I’m very excited about the huge Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival happening in East Van today. In case you don’t already know, this is a street festival, for which Commercial is closed off to traffic from 1st Avenue to Venables, from 10am to 8pm. Continue reading ‘Vancouver: Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival 2007 – I’m There!’


Vancouver Vintage Bike Swap – I’m There!

•June 15, 2007 • 2 Comments

On Sunday, I’m headed to the Vancouver Vintage Bicycle Show and Swap Meet (6th annual, no less). It’s happening at the Cambrian Hall, right by Main Street. This is right in my old ‘hood of Mount Pleasant and I’m excited to go there before the Commercial Drive Car-Free festival. That latter one was one of the best events of the summer last year. Anyway, I’m desperately in need of a cool and inexpensive set of pedal-powered wheels. Finding something like the one pictured or a less out-there roadie or hybrid would make my week. I’d also like to snap some cool pictures there. Continue reading ‘Vancouver Vintage Bike Swap – I’m There!’

Colin Powell: A Tragic Superhero

•June 15, 2007 • 2 Comments

I had an interesting revelation when hearing that Colin Powell has opined that Guantanamo should be closed right away, “this afternoon”. To most of us, this is probably tinged with more than a little irony given his record at the White House. After all, this is the man that, back in 2003, delivered a PowerPoint full of faulty and invented intelligence to the UN ahead of an attack that had already been decided. He also tacitly supported Guantanamo simply by being largely silent about it while in office.
I once had a humorous conversation about the best lame superpowers a sort of anti-action-hero might have: stacking needles and perfect hindsight came out on top. I’m not sure if Powell can do the former, but he’s mastered the 20/20 hindsight bit perfectly. But … If you begin to dig around, some interesting information surfaces. Continue reading ‘Colin Powell: A Tragic Superhero’

Writing Ideas

•June 13, 2007 • 1 Comment

Some things I would like to write about this week: Colin Powell as tragic superhero, advice to Nicholas Sarkozy, upcoming Vancouver events (Jazz Festival, Portuguese Heritage), film reviews (‘Touch of Evil’, ‘Waitress’, ‘Tokyo Drifter’, ‘Unforgiven’ etc), more links to sites for blog and RSS submission, a detailed review of free WordPress MU hosting sites, guide to ‘borrowing’ MySpace media …

Yummy Spare Ribs … Recipe Put to the Test

•June 10, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I am cooking up some ribs today. It’s my first foray into rib cookery Continue reading ‘Yummy Spare Ribs … Recipe Put to the Test’

1067: Vancouver Underground Jazz Spot (on Granville)

•June 10, 2007 • 3 Comments

1067 - photo courtesy of Flickr's standard_greyIt’s been a while since a culture-related or Vancouver-related post so I thought I’d muse a little about “1067”. 1067, prosaically named after its address on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, is an ultra-cool underground jazz venue that few know about even here in town. I personally got introduced to it rather randomly. When I was still quite new to Vancouver and largely ignorant of the music scene I found myself at Calhoun’s (another good local live jazz spot). I was talking to their house band’s drummer during a break between sets and he suggested I check out 1067 when I asked him to recommend other places around town for good music. After following his cryptic directions (see info on how to find it at the end of this post) a few days later, I made it to this mysterious little space. Continue reading ‘1067: Vancouver Underground Jazz Spot (on Granville)’

Where to Submit Your Blog or RSS Feed for Free (SEO & Promotion)

•June 6, 2007 • 14 Comments

Here is a short list of some of the easiest (and of course free) places to submit your blog quickly to get a little more exposure. This first post lists sites that do not require registration for submission. I will post another list with those that do shortly.

1) Technorati – Registration not required, but I would recommend that you claim your blog by registering after you submit it.
2) Pingoat – Just pick the services you want to ping and hit the button. Voila!
3) Pingomatic – Works like Pingoat. WordPress pings Pingomatic whenever your blog is updated, but you can do it manually too. [9 more free services to follow] Continue reading ‘Where to Submit Your Blog or RSS Feed for Free (SEO & Promotion)’