Manu Chao Concert @ Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver) on May 25, 2007

Manu Chao recently played a great live show at the Commodore Ballroom here in Vancouver before heading down to The Gorge in Washington State for the Sasquatch Music Festival. I was practically front-row and was on hand for the Sasquatch craziness too … For now, here’s a little video from the Commodore concert (link on the right of this post). You can see a better version on Facebook if you have an account there.
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~ by dubesor on June 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “Manu Chao Concert @ Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver) on May 25, 2007”

  1. Hey Dubesor,

    I was heartbroken to miss out on the Commodore gig, but at least fortunate enough to catch Manu and the boys at Sasquatch.

    Muuuy pissed that The Straight failed to do a review. Oh well, let’s hope Manu & RB were wowed enough by the crowd to consider coming back.

    Love the blog!



  2. Viva la esperanza!

  3. It was a good show. I was thankful that a friend of mine bought us tickets a long time before – it looked like the demand was pretty high the day of the concert (~$200 on Craigslist). Anyway, I’ll be putting up more photos of Manu Chao from Sasquatch soon so check back.

  4. It was really funny to be in Vancouver for my first time (I’m from Barcelona-Spain) and meet Manu Chao playing there. Great concert, Great place that Commodore Ballroom!

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