Review: Best Free WordPress Hosting Sites –,, and others

I went looking for places to start experimenting with the WordPress platform for free before shelling out for full-on paid WordPress hosting [that still remains my preferred option and I’m looking into a Canadian host for this – details in an upcoming post]. Here are the results of my research into free WordPress hosting services out there on the interweb.
The only hosts that remained after ruling out defunct and ad-driven sites (see note at the end of post):, and Read on to find out how they fare in my rating on a scale of 10.

[5/10] Blogsome – allows file edit and upload up to 1MB, has 27 themes and 10 plugins and an excellent stats view using Analog 5.32 from You can also edit the code using their online editor – very useful for customizing your CSS stylesheet. Blogsome doesn’t have the “Presentation” tab enabled in your blog admin site, which means you cannot play around with widgets. That’s a very big negative in my books.

[7/10] Blogetery – this is a quickly growing blog hosting site and the administrators will quickly adopt user feedback (eg. when you suggest new WordPress themes for them to enable). They already offer well over 100 different themes, which alone is a great benefit. They offer a few plugins, the best of which are Sociable and the Flickr Badge Widget. Unfortunately, they don’t yet have any sort of stats, but soon might. They also don’t have a tag cloud plugin. All in all, this is a great site and the only thing against it is the lack of stats and the fact that you won’t be getting any traffic from their front page, as this site is still a relative unkown (their rank on Alexa is 800,000 versus 2,000 for Blogsome and top 100 for The only uploads they allow are directly through the post – it’s unclear what the maximum upload capacity is here. Read on for a review and rating of

[8/10] – This is not to be confused with, the site for the standalone WordPress system you would install on an outside hosting account or your own web server. If you blog about popular topics, they can bring some traffic to your blog through their main page, which is listed in the top 100 most visited sites on Alexa. That’s a pretty big deal as far as I’m concerned. They allow 50 MB of uploads. You can attach a domain name you already own to your free hosting account, which is really cool. They also offer blog stats and feed stats (to see which feed readers your subscribed visitors use to read your posts) right from your admin dashboard. This service has the best plugins including a Tag Cloud for categorizing your posts and Akismet for blocking comment spam. There’s also a Snap Preview plugin for outgoing links and a number of widgets you can put on the sidebar (, Meebo, Palatial Map Kit, Sonific and Vod:pod). At the moment, they offer 56 themes to choose from for your blog. You can opt to pay them to a) be able to edit your CSS stylesheet and/or b) have more storage space (1GB or 5GB). I think the only complaints I have against them are : my blog wasn’t crawled properly by Google – maybe they are limiting GoogleBot in some way as only the main blog page got included in the index; they don’t have a random flickr plugin for the sidebar – only one that shows the newest photos; they don’t offer my favorite theme, Vistered Little .

Let’s also mention defunct blog hosting sites – as far as I can tell, and are either inactive or no longer accept new blog registration. Another service I found,, puts ads on their users’ pages. Yet another site,, does not allow plugins, which hinders your blogging options quite a bit, although they do have a nice choice of themes for your blog.

For now, I keep my Funcouver blog on both and, but I’d like to soon move it entirely to and then to my own hosting, which I will post about soon. I hope this helped some people out there with their free WordPress hosting needs.

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~ by dubesor on June 4, 2007.

20 Responses to “Review: Best Free WordPress Hosting Sites –,, and others”

  1. Thanks for review! We have installed 2 new plugins Ultimate GA(Google Analytics) and Picasa Web Album widget.

  2. Thanks, Alex! You guys are great. I’ll keep pestering you about other great stuff to add to Blogetery.

  3. has serious googlejuice, due to the tag pages. Every tag you use counts as a link to their global page for that tag, and the link from that tag page to your blog counts as an independent link for the purposes of Google and Technorati. It’s a very powerful rank-boosting thing.

    But also hosts ads on your blog, you just can’t see them. They don’t put ads on all blogs, nor all the time on some, just some of the time on some. You won’t see them as long as you’re signed in, but you will if you’re signed out.

  4. hey, good to know about the ads – i wasn’t aware. i did rule out one overtly ad-driven site, but it was also much smaller (=less stable servers?) and would not bring any traffic to the blog. i still like though. i’ll wait and see i guess.

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  7. Hi Dubesor,
    Could you please include my free wordpress host in this review? It has many SEO plugins and tweaks I’m sure you’d like to talk about. (eg. custom robots.txt, meta tags, akismet antispam, statistics…)

    Michael Gregory – admin.

  8. Blogsome is running some seriously outdated WordPress MultiUser software and doesn’t allow you to export out your posts.

  9. Yes nodblog I was just researching that one, and found this review from a search. I am seriously considering nodblog.

  10. seems to be down.

  11. nodblog is great but seems to be broken??


  12. This is a great list of . This type of list is priceless for the new kid on the block.



  13. Nice Blog! keep posting!

    Hope that more and more people will benefit from it 🙂

  14. Nice theme on your site!! good article Thanks.

  15. How about the top 5 WordPress hosting listed on

  16. seems to be broken. Doesn’t seem to load from morning today

  17. those are some i didnt knew thanks for sharing

  18. I’m using, it works really well!!

  19. Thanks a lot…very useful information….

  20. Hi, how about It provides free hosting for wordpress and many functions for manage blog (domain mapping also for your own domain).

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