Vancouver Vintage Bike Swap – I’m There!

On Sunday, I’m headed to the Vancouver Vintage Bicycle Show and Swap Meet (6th annual, no less). It’s happening at the Cambrian Hall, right by Main Street. This is right in my old ‘hood of Mount Pleasant and I’m excited to go there before the Commercial Drive Car-Free festival. That latter one was one of the best events of the summer last year. Anyway, I’m desperately in need of a cool and inexpensive set of pedal-powered wheels. Finding something like the one pictured or a less out-there roadie or hybrid would make my week. I’d also like to snap some cool pictures there.

When: Sunday, June 17th 2007. 9AM – 3PM
Where: Cambrian Hall, 215 East 7th Avenue
How Much: $2
More Info: Event page on Facebook , Momentum listing.
[Photo courtesy of sgoralnick on Flickr]


~ by dubesor on June 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Vancouver Vintage Bike Swap – I’m There!”

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  2. That was a cool bike there – hope you find something like it. Around here, long time since I saw someone riding a thing like that, but they may not be completely extinct.

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