Film Review: ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’ (2002) [8/10]

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Standing in the Shadows of Motown (courtesy of IMDB)[8 out of 10] [ For my other movie reviews, see the Film category of this blog or my IMDB vote history ] This is my mini-review of “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”, which I recently got from the library and thought I’d share with whoever is interested. I gave this movie an eight because it does a great job chronicling The Funk Brothers, a forgotten group of Detroit musicians that put together a hard-to-believe string of chart-topping hits from a small basement studio. In fact, the movie mentions that they created “more number-one records than The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys combined”. Continue reading ‘Film Review: ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’ (2002) [8/10]’


Arcade Fire Live Video from Sasquatch Music Festival 2007, Gorge Amphitheatre

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As promised, I will slowly leak videos and photos that my friends and I took at Sasquatch a week ago (May 26-27, 2007). Here’s the first installment – my video of The Arcade Fire, now up on YouTube. They played a great set at Sasquatch – their sound was so polished that I was overheard saying that it was a lot like listening to a studio record. This is a video of them playing “The Well and the Lighthouse” from their new album, Neon Bible. You can also see it on Facebook by clicking HERE. There are also some cool videos of Arcade Fire at this festival uploaded by others to YouTube. Have a look at “No Cars Go”, “Rebellion” and “Intervention” (click on the thumbnails to view on YouTube):

Review: Best Free WordPress Hosting Sites –,, and others

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I went looking for places to start experimenting with the WordPress platform for free before shelling out for full-on paid WordPress hosting [that still remains my preferred option and I’m looking into a Canadian host for this – details in an upcoming post]. Here are the results of my research into free WordPress hosting services out there on the interweb.
The only hosts that remained after ruling out defunct and ad-driven sites (see note at the end of post):, and Read on to find out how they fare in my rating on a scale of 10. Continue reading ‘Review: Best Free WordPress Hosting Sites –,, and others’

2007 Sasquatch Festival @ the Gorge Amphitheatre, WA – Day 1 (Saturday). Manu Chao, Arcade Fire, Bjork

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[PHOTOS/VIDEOS to follow]

As promised, here is a breakdown of the recent festival roadtrip from Vancouver to The Gorge in Washington State. It was a great decision to head down to Sasquatch Music Festival. I love these kinds of things and who really needs an excuse to camp, tune in and have a few beers in an otherworldly setting?

Although my little carful was late getting there, we still caught Manu Chao, The Arcade Fire and Bjork at the main stage. The latter was yawn-tacular – my apologies if you’re into Bjork, but I just am not.

Already fueled by great vibes from his Vancouver show the night before [see posts below], we were a very receptive audience for Manu Chao‘s brand of cool stoner fusion and upbeat pseudo-punk. The sun began to set and, when Manu asked Bobby Marley to ‘sing something good to me’, it was a memorable moment.

The Arcade Fire totally stole the show. Continue reading ‘2007 Sasquatch Festival @ the Gorge Amphitheatre, WA – Day 1 (Saturday). Manu Chao, Arcade Fire, Bjork’

Another Great Clip from Manu Chao Concert in Vancouver

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Manu Chao - Mala Vida - Vancouver Commodore - from YouTube

I found another video clip from the Manu Chao concert I went to [my earlier video and clip can be found right here]. This one is from someone on YouTube. Unfortunately, they were a little further back – I was right up at the stage, but only caught the tail end of ‘Mala Vida’. Oh well … Enjoy!

Manu Chao Concert @ Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver) on May 25, 2007

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Manu Chao recently played a great live show at the Commodore Ballroom here in Vancouver before heading down to The Gorge in Washington State for the Sasquatch Music Festival. I was practically front-row and was on hand for the Sasquatch craziness too … For now, here’s a little video from the Commodore concert (link on the right of this post). You can see a better version on Facebook if you have an account there.
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I was in the paper! 2006-2007 Champions League Final on the Drive [Milan – Liverpool]

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Abruzzo - June 2006. Courtesy of marc_l'esperance on Flickr.In the spirit of savouring what might be the last week of being unencumbered by work, I headed to Commercial Drive (that’s a cool neighborhood here in Vancouver) recently to watch some football, or soccer if you will.

The match was the big final of this Champions League season, with Liverpool FC again taking on AC Milan, as they had done only two years prior in Istanbul. This year, the game was played in Athens’ cool new Olympic Stadium and Milan was hoping to regain some cool points by making up for losing that last game despite being up 3-0. I was wearing my Milan jerseys one over top of the other, hoping for some of the same.

I chose Abruzzo Cappuccino Bar (1321 Commercial Drive) since it has the best atmosphere and always gets packed for big events in the football world. It did not disappoint – pretty much standing room only by the time the whistle blew for the start of the match. Other Rossoneri (Milan) fans were clearly on hand + a handful of Scousers. After nervously gobbling down some espresso Continue reading ‘I was in the paper! 2006-2007 Champions League Final on the Drive [Milan – Liverpool]’